The proven road map to Etsy success

Designed specifically for Handmade Alphas

How it started

In the summer of 2017, at the very peak of my Etsy success, I decided to begin sharing my knowledge of Etsy with quick training videos on YouTube. Etsy is my passion and I wanted to help as many sellers as I could to find success like I had. Not just success – but sustainability.

I can remember the despair I felt in my newbie days… that feeling of helplessness, confusion, and overall lack of direction. Maybe you’ve even felt this way too? That really gross feeling that your Etsy business is never going to be the career you’d dreamed it would be? Oh trust me – I’ve felt it.

It’s a feeling that I never wanted another Etsy creator to experience, so I just got in front of my camera phone and started recording Etsy tip videos… and that’s how the Handmade Alpha community was born.

what i built for you

As much as I love making YouTube videos, I know for some of you it just wasn’t enough. You wanted MORE. You wanted ME to be your coach. To personally train you. Some of you offered to pay me by the hour to do so… which I declined, because to teach all of my students one-on-one, it would simply cost you too much. To me, it just didn’t seem right. So instead, I decided to do something even better.

The proven system that teaches you step-by-step (literally) how to become the PACK LEADER of your industry by dominating your Etsy-competition.

woah – what is it?

The Handmade Alpha Academy is a complete step-by-step program where Starla takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of creating a profitable Etsy shop by turning you into the ALPHA (aka: the “Top Dog”) of your industry!

Handmade Alpha academy is designed for you if…

  • You aren’t making the sales you want and can’t figure out why.
  • Your competition is dominating the market, leaving you with no customers.
  • People are LOOKING at your products but they aren’t BUYING them.
  • You just can’t figure out what direction you want to go with your business.
  • You can’t keep up with all of these constant Etsy updates and changes and Etsy is beginning to feel like a foreign planet.
  • You’re beginning to feel in over your head and you just want someone to hand you a detailed A-B-C road map that will show you exactly what to do.

Learn anywhere. any time. literally!

No deadlines. No class-hours. The Handmade Alpha Academy is accessible 24/7 from desktop or mobile! Simply log in and begin designing your own profitable Etsy business on YOUR time.

experience matters

I’m sure we’ve all seen those Etsy coaches. They try to convince you that they are total Etsy super-stars, yet they’ve either quit their own Etsy shop or they’ve never had one at all. That’s like hiring an Olympic swim-coach who has never swam in a pool, right?!

Thankfully, that’s not me.

Meet your new coach – Starla Moore

I am:

  • A 6-Figure Etsy veteran of over seven years.
  • The highest rated jewelry seller in my niche, currently positioned in the top 1% of all sellers on Etsy.
  • An Etsy SEO enthusiast, working closely with big names in the search industry like Anthony Wolf of
  • One of the leading Etsy YouTubers, helping over 12,500 sellers around the globe.
  • A psychology nut, obsessed with the new era of “neuromarketing”.
  • A motivational public speaker, sharing my knowledge of business and marketing with thousands of fellow entrepreneurs at various events around the north eastern United States.

With that being said, this isn’t a wishy washy Etsy crash course that I designed in a week. This course explains everything that I did wrong in my 7 years of selling so that you can avoid it, everything that I did right so you can copy it, and proven psychology driven methodology that is backed by real MIT case studies and new age neuromarketing strategies.

HAA is the world’s only step by step Etsy course that combines neuroscience with marketing, designed to accelerate you past the trial and error process and stick you directly in the fast lane to success.

The proof is in the pudding.

The Handmade Alpha academy teaches you exactly how to dominate etsy with


Module 1: The Alpha Mindset

Your mental transition into the Alpha Mindset and how to:

  • Align the gift of the 24 hour day with your purpose.
  • How to fail intelligently and leverage your failures into growth.
  • Your biggest threat as an Etsy seller and how to use that threat as a tool for success. 
Module 2: Groundwork

Creating products that shoppers actually WANT by: 

  • Developing a psychology-focused target customer.
  • Standing out uniquely in the vast sea of competitive Etsy shops.
  • Dominating your competition by doing exactly what they aren’t doing.


Module 3: Perception

Making shoppers fall in love with your Etsy storefront immediately by: 

  • Developing a cohesive and jaw dropping brand atmosphere.
  • Identifying and overcoming the common mistakes Etsy sellers make while branding their businesses.
  • Utilizing psychology to create invisible strings that draw your dream customers to you like bees to honey.
Module 4: Capture

Shooting magazine worthy shop photos that will: 

  • Cost you literally $0 to shoot and edit. All you need is a camera or camera phone.
  • Position you as the Alpha Brand on any Etsy search page, and lead to more clicks and conversions.
  • Make marketing your Etsy launches as easy as pie, with 4 simple photo ad styles that you can replicate and apply.
Module 5: Hype

How to create a fanatical following of fans for your Etsy brand by: 

  • Setting up an email marketing list that sells, step by step.
  • Conditioning fans to BUY before products are even listed for sale.
  • Controlling your own traffic so that you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs, just hoping someone will find your shop
Module 6: Atmosphere

Building a competition stomping designer Etsy storefront that will: 

  • Make your shopper’s jaw drop in literally seven seconds.
  • Create trust between you and your new shoppers without ever needing to actually talk to them before they click the “buy” button.
  • Immediately position you as the Alpha Brand of your industry.
Module 7: Position

Positioning yourself directly beside your BIGGEST Etsy competitors by:

  • Conquering the 2019 Etsy SEO algorithm in just 6 steps .
  • Becoming GDPR compliant in order to keep your customer data safe.
  • Pricing your products like Pablo Picasso to make the most potential profit per sale.
  • Increasing the perceived value of your Etsy orders without altering your physical products!
Module 8: Launch

Launching your Etsy products with a BANG, while simultaneously: 

  • Getting featured by major influencers, YouTubers and Bloggers.
  • Growing follower funnel of fans and sales by creating a ‘rolling product release’.
  • Generating repeat buyers with an advanced and proven customer service strategy, tested and loved by over 2,000 Handmade Alphas!
Module 9: Gravity

Exercising a proven marketing strategy that will grow every 12 weeks and will generate continued success for the life of your shop with: 

  • An advanced version of Starla’s Secret Sauce Giveaway strategy which grew her following to 25,000 fans!
  • A modified version of the traditional marketing funnel that will double your follower engagement.
  • The exact road map to create a raving Brand Community by utilizing the new age of Facebook Groups.
  • A growing library of Bonuses to continue your Etsy Education after course completion.
  • Lifetime Access to all course updates and new content (yes– even when Etsy makes big scary changes).
  • Exclusive student live sessions and Q&As with Starla.
  • Opportunities to submit new topics and bonus ideas that YOU’D like Starla to add to the course.
  • Exclusive HAA events, contests and valuable student awards.
  • Lifetime support and help from the Handmade Alpha Team.
  • Students will have access to Starla, Marc, and Nate’s personal email addresses.
  • Get specialized help if you find yourself lost when building your business.
  • Receive email notifications about live Q&A sessions, coaching calls and more.
  • Exclusive access to the official Handmade Alpha Academy Student Campus on Facebook.
  • Chat with 400+ fellow Alpha Academy Alumni.
  • Brainstorm and receive feedback on your ideas and progress.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and stay accountable.
  • Private live streams and coaching sessions with Starla and the Alpha team.



Bonus #1


Create stunning visual graphics to advertise your Etsy shop without the use of Photoshop or any paid software.

Bonus #2


Continue your Alpha Education with Starla’s personal reading list in the Alpha Library, where you can purchase books direct from our Amazon affiliate program.

Funds made in our affiliate library are donated to the Wolf Conservation Center of South Salem, NY in our effort to help support wild wolf conservation. Awooo!

Bonus #3


Get advice on the best tech-upgrades, cameras, phones and video software for your business from Starla’s tech-guru husband, Marc.

Have a tech crisis? Bypass predatory companies that may be out to steal your money. Message Marc for help and recommendations any time.

Bonus #4

business lingo glossary

Never be stumped by confusing business lingo again with this library of terms that will make you feel like a smarty pants CEO.

Bonus #5

couples business boot camp

From hair-pulling to harmony, learn Starla and Marc’s secret to balancing life, business, parenting and freedom in this exclusive mini-course.

Bonus #6

academy resource guide

Explore all of the tools that Starla uses to run her Etsy shop with a library of additional resources, videos and cheat sheets – all in one place!

Bonus #7

photo clipper

Learn how to cut yourself and your products out of images with this easy training, which will allow you the freedom to effortlessly customize your backgrounds and scenes for marketing.

Bonus #8

handmade alpha live-tour masterclass

Get exclusive access to our live Etsy masterclass video from our 2019 Tour – available only to Handmade Alpha Academy students.

Bonus #9


Your success in Etsy keyword search is important to me. With your Handmade Alpha Academy enrollment, I will personally be purchasing one full year of Etsy’s most popular SEO tool for you, PLUS you’ll receive direct support from eRank staff.


What Starla’s Students are saying…

(in case it all sounds too good to be true 😉)

HOW DO I know it works?

I’ve invested the last two years of my life into condensing my own 6 Figure Etsy Success story into a tested and PROVEN step by step course for you. I’m SO confident that you’re going to love it that I’m willing to let you test drive it for 30 days. If you don’t absolutely love the course, simply email me for a full refund, no questions asked.

30 Day Money Back Guarentee

Nope. I’m not kidding!

I offer this (and mean it) because I know how powerful this program will be for your growth and success.

THAT is how confident I am in the value of Handmade Alpha Academy.

Test it. Try it for yourself. If you don’t love it, let me know within 30 days for a no-questions-asked refund. It’s that simple. 😉


LIMITED Enrollment closes in-




One-Time Payment



Winter Enrollment Ends December 10th

  • Instant Course Access
  • 9 In-Depth Modules
  • 8 Epic Alpha Bonuses
  • 12 Months Paid Membership to eRank PRO
  • Free Updates for LIFE
  • Access to the private Handmade Alpha Student Campus Facebook group
  • Lifetime Alpha-Staff Support
  • Billed Once
Payment Plan


Six Months

Winter Enrollment Ends December 10th

  • Instant Course Access
  • 9 In-Depth Modules
  • 8 Epic Alpha Bonuses
  • 12 Months Paid Membership to eRank PRO
  • Free Updates for LIFE
  • Access to the private Handmade Alpha Student Campus Facebook group
  • Lifetime Alpha-Staff Support
  • Billed Automatically Each Month for 6 Months
Zero Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

🐺 FAQ’s to chew on

Will I need to buy any equipment or software?

Nope! Handmade Alpha Academy is designed with newbie-business owners in mind. If you already have a computer and *printer (recommended but not technically required), the only thing Starla recommends purchasing is a binder (aka: your Alpha-Journal).

Are there any expenses within the course that I'll need to buy later?

Barely. With Etsy, you are of course responsible for your own seller and listing fees ($0.20 per listing). You’ll also be learning how to purchase a domain email address, which will typically only cost $12-$15 per year. Any other course expenses are completely optional, as the course is designed to keep your start-up expenses at the absolute minimum.

How much are course updates and new content?

Absolutely free. When you join the Handmade Alpha Academy, you’re an Alpha for life and will receive anything and everything added to the course forever more.

Is there an annual fee?

Nope! The price of your enrollment covers your lifetime membership. Once you’ve paid for your enrollment, you’ll receive lifetime access, lifetime support, as well as everything added to the course – forever more!

Do I get any type of student support?

Yes! You will be granted access to the exclusive Handmade Alpha Academy Student Campus facebook group where you can ask for help 24/7 from fellow Alpha Alimni and Academy staff, including Starla.

You will also be granted access to Starla, Marc, and Nate’s very personal email address’s for private questions.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Completion time 100% depends on you. Because the course is self-paced, the time it will take to complete the course will entirely depend on how many hours you dedicate to learning and applying the action steps.

Can I buy any of the modules separately?

Unfortunately, no. Every piece of the Handmade Alpha Academy fits together like a big puzzle. If you only have on piece of the puzzle, it won’t create the over all picture that will lead you to success and may end up leaving you more confused than when you started.

Think of it like picking up Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien and trying to understand the story by only reading chapter 8. That would be pretty hard, right?

I already have an Etsy shop. Is this right for me?

Yes! If you already have an Etsy shop but you aren’t achieving the sales that you want,  the Handmade Alpha Academy will walk you through the process of building a successful Etsy shop from the ground UP so that you can re-evaluate your current business model and evolve it into an Alpha Brand.

I am a handmade business but I don't sell on Etsy. Will this work for me?

No, unfortunately. The Handmade Alpha Academy is designed specifically for Etsy sellers. Though some lessons could be beneficial for Handmade business owners selling on other platforms, you won’t truly get the most from your experience if you aren’t selling on Etsy.

I'm reeeeally bad with tech. Is this course realistic for me?

Absolutely! Before becoming and Etsy seller and business coach, Starla was actually a Preschool teacher and uses a combination of audible, readable, and visible teaching styles to ensure even the most complicated lessons are broken down into easy to digest pieces.

If you can do all of the following…

  • Copy and paste text on a computer
  • Save an image file (picture) to your computer
  • Find an open a folder on your computer
  • Upload a photo from your computer

…then you’ll do just fine! BUT if you do end up having any questions, you’ll also have access to staff support and the Handmade Alpha Academy private Facebook group for additional help.

Who is the Handmade Alpha Academy NOT for?

  • The Already Successful seller: If you are an Etsy-All-Star and are already bringing in hundreds/thousands of dollars a week with your Etsy shop, you may not find much use from this training.
  • The One-Of-A-Kind seller: If your products are absolutely OOAK and you aren’t willing or able to create duplicate products, or a line of cohesive products, you will find it very hard to follow the course as it is intended.
  • The Vintage seller: If you only sell vintage or re-purposed items on Etsy and cannot create or sell duplicate items, you will find it very difficult to follow this course as intended, as it was designed specifically for handmade Etsy sellers.
  • The Cell Phone seller: If you run your entire shop from your phone or tablet, the Handmade Alpha Academy probably won’t be the best fit for you. Though you can take the course itself on a mobile device, many of the action steps and technical aspects will need to be performed on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • The ‘I Want Instant Success’ seller: If you think success comes from the click of a button or the wave of a magic fairy wand, the Handmade Alpha Academy absolutely isn’t for you. Success comes from Alpha Wolf focus and Predator Determination. Starla will walk you through the steps that will bring your Etsy shop to success but it is 100% up to you to do the work.

What does the Handmade Alpha Academy NOT cover?

Due to the vast number of students we have (from all around the globe), the Handmade Alpha Academy does NOT cover the legalities of setting up your business, filing for a business licence, or how to manage/collect/file your business taxes. Basically I’m not a lawyer and cannot legally give you advice that covers any of these topics. HOWEVER, I can direct you to legal resources that may be helpful to you. 😉

Starla, I have questions that weren't covered. Where can I contact you personally?

If you have any questions or need to know if the Handmade Alpha Academy is a good fit for you feel free to drop me a quick email at 

Is the Handmade Alpha Academy involved in any charitable organizations?


The Handmade Alpha Academy passionately contributes to: