2019 Alpha of the Year




🐺 What do you sell and what inspired you? 

I recreate life like portraits of people’s much loved pets, then once drawn, I print their images onto a wide range of gifts and stationery much to their owner’s delight!

I began my little journey in Lyon, France during my third year abroad of my Applied Languages degree. (I didn’t get into art college you see!) I fell ill with glandular fever, and was under house arrest. All I could do to pass the time was doodle with a ballpoint pen, or biro as we call them in the UK. But my first doodle, was no sketch, it was a mammoth 16 x 24 inch drawing of a Rottweiler, where his nose was as big as my fist! I shared the progress on social media, before realising that people not only wanted to see my endeavors, but also wanted me to create drawings of their pets! And pay me for it!

I graduated the following year with a 2.1, a seven month waiting list for portraits, and a supportive partner who was willing to part with our spare bedroom (and extra rent to cover mine for a few months in a year!).

I spent three of the following years honing my skills, accruing a huge following of 10,000 on my Facebook page (I cried the day I hit that milestone!) and working my little tush off, until the day I found Starla Moore.

🐺 How do you feel about your growth from “casual-seller-Amber” to “Alpha-Amber”?

I now take every weekday evening and Sunday off. Hell, I only do half days on Fridays! I sit and read my kindle, or just do fun things instead. Before being an Alpha, I suffered majorly from burn out… I never left the house, I moaned if I had to take a day off of work, I worked every single weekend…. And I haven’t seen a hit on my productivity (in fact its increased!) or my sales (no one expects an answer from me at 10pm on a Saturday! Why DID I feel that I needed to answer immediately or I’d lose that sale!?)

My Etsy shop has grown up so much too! Not only has it funneled a huge amount of new loyal customers to my website via my Vip group or mailing list, but has got me featured in not one.. Not two… But three issues of the leading magazine in my field: Dogs Today.

And of course, sales! And the more I use HAA training, the faster the snowball rolls!

🐺 How has HAA helped you the most? 

HAA has turned me from a teenage business into a fully fledged business that I don’t have to worry about. I can take a day off, and come back to my desk the next day, and find sales waiting for me to process. I don’t lay awake at night thinking about not only how I was going to pay for rent, but also if Mr Amber Marie would notice I couldn’t. He’s always been the one that believes in me the most, how could I just let him down like that? I don’t think like that anymore. I have the confidence to tell him… I can’t pay rent this week. But next week, I can pay for three months in one go. How’s that!!??

🐺 What tips would you give to Alphas who are struggling in their journey? 

Realise that you are the only one stopping yourself from being successful. There’s no “Etsy is making it harder for you to get sales”. There’s no, “oh there’s just too much competition”. There’s no, “people just aren’t in a buying mood”. There’s no, “people just don’t want to pay prices they can’t find on the high street”. Ignore all of the negativity. You, yourself and you can get to where you want to be… You just need the tools and the knowledge to understand the psychology of buying and why they haven’t found your shop yet, or scroll past when they do!

🐺 Any final words about winning Alpha of the Year? 

It’s an absolute honour to have this title and I’m so proud of each and every one of the other Alphas! It’s a joy to see their progress, no matter where they are on their journey. There are six figure businesses, and there are those that have yet to make their first sale… And I am just as excited at every one of their milestones as I am to achieve my own! I can’t wait to see you running alongside our pack…. AARROOOO!

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