Need help?

We’re here to make life a bit easier for you!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes!

Here’s a list of resources to help you on your journey!

The PRIVATE Handmade alpha academy facebook community

Do you need…

  • Personal opinions?
  • Alpha-Advice?
  • Help with something not covered/related to the Alpha Academy?
  • Moral support or Alpha encouragement?
  • Suggestions to make your Etsy-building experience easier?

The Handmade Alpha Academy’s top secret Facebook Campus is the place to go! Get expert advice from fellow pack-mates and receive fast responses from fellow Academy students around the globe! And of course, Starla and Marc are also in the group nearly every day to answer quick questions and cheer you on!

**Disclaimer: This group is only for Handmade Alpha Academy students. If you aren’t an Academy student, join our public Handmade Alpha Facebook Community HERE.


HAA Account and Billing Support Manager – 
Marc Moore

Do you need…

  • Login/account help?
  • Credit card or billing help?
  • To cancel your membership to the Handmade Alpha Academy within the first 30 days?
  • Help being approved in the Handmade Alpha Academy private Facebook Campus?
  • Help with your included eRank PRO bonus?
  • To ask a question about our policies or terms and conditions?
  • To report a bug or problem in the Alpha Academy?
  • To ask a tech/hardware question?

This is your guy! Marc is the Handmade Alpha academy’s official tech guru, support member, website manager and billing administrator! He’s also a pretty darn good guitar player… but you probably don’t need help with that. 😉

Contact Marc for Monday-Friday support at: 

HAA Head Coach and CEO –
Starla Moore

Do you need…

  • Private assistance that you don’t want to post in the student campus?
  • To report a member or post in the student campus?
  • To ask a question about Handmade Alpha Academy enrollment?
  • Advice on whether or not the Handmade Alpha Academy is right for you?
  • Assistance with any other topics that you feel aren’t appropriate for the Facebook community?

This is your gal! Starla is the Handmade Alpha Academy’s head coach, Etsy expert and Pack-Leader. She also listens to heavy metal and has a taste for expensive coffee… but you probably don’t need help with either of those things. ☕

Contact Starla for Monday-Friday support at: 

RESOURCE #4: open door appointment

The Handmade Alpha Academy is designed to be a self-paced course- and we encourage you to take a deep dive into the inner workings of your business, psychology and your personal accountability. This means developing advanced problem-solving and self-help skills needed in order to succeed under pressure. Running a business isn’t easy! 

With that in mind, we believe that open accessibility to mentors is crucial- especially when you hit barriers that you absolutely feel no hope of overcoming without help.

It is proven that an over-accessibility to leaders can put a ceiling on your results as a student. If you were to help a butterfly break free of it’s cocoon- the butterfly would die before it ever stretches it’s wings. This is because the act of breaking through the cocoon is what physically pushes fluid into the butterfly’s wings. “Breaking through” isn’t supposed to be easy. It is the birth of a “new you”, and as we all know- birth is painful at times. 🦋

If you’ve completed the Handmade Alpha Academy, you’ve reached out in the Handmade Alpha Student Campus, you’ve tested several possible solutions and you’re still struggling to form a realistic vision for your business (or an element of your business)- you may request to book a personal 30 minute phone consultation with Starla via Google Voice. We just ask that you use your best judgement before booking this consultation and ask yourself honestly if you’ve taken all of the steps provided.

Obviously, our hope is that you will never have to book this appointment; we want you to kick butt without intervention! But- if you find yourself on the brink of giving up, you can request an application to begin your booking process.

**Open door applications are ONLY for students of the Handmade Alpha Academy. Applications submitted by non-alumni will not be reviewed.